Campaign Announcement

Abraham Lincoln statue in front of the Illinois State Capital Building in Springfield, Illinois


Larry Kerkstra believes we need better representation in the 79thState Legislative District 

BRADLEY, Ill. – Kankakee County Board member Larry Kerkstra from Bradley announces that he has formed a campaign committee to run for State Representative for the 79th District. Members of his campaign committee include retired and active union members, as well as current and former elected officials throughout the District.

Kerkstra is a recently retired Millwright and has a long history of working in the community. He was a union steward for nearly 40 years in two different trades.  Kerkstra’s guiding principle has  always been to put the needs of people and their community first, instead of being driven by political ideology.  ‘That is the only way the District can flourish for everyone”, says Kerkstra.

Since 2020, Kerkstra has served his County Board constituents well by first, attending virtually every committee meeting including those which he is not appointed to. Some of the votes he has taken include; supporting funding for dredging the Kankakee River, advocating for expanded mental health services, and supporting the Illinois Pre-Trial Fairness Act, which would positively impact indigent residents throughout the District. 

“What I would like to see is an equitable distribution of resources throughout the 79th District”, Kerkstra says.  “I’ve seen communities neglected, both urban and rural, throughout the District.” “As we try to increase infrastructure investment; the precursor to economic development, we must not neglect our most vulnerable populations who need those vital social service connections to uplift their lives and our District as a whole”.      

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