Larry Kerkstra on the Joan Esposito Show – October 25, 2022

Larry Kerkstra celebrated his 50-year anniversary as a union member on September 27, 1973. On that date, he began his first union job in Dolton at a glass factory where they made Ball glass jars.  He started at the bottom working his way up. He became a union steward at the work site.  Deciding that management was not his next step, he started a new career in the building trades as a millwright.  Millwrights are basically industrial mechanics that work on nuclear power plants, windmills, install and maintain equipment in auto plants, factories etc.  He worked on numerous projects throughout the area and became a union steward for his carpenter local before retiring a couple of years ago.  Larry Kerkstra is the most progressive labor candidate that I have ever met.  

Larry believes we are better united than divided.  He stands up for all workers and knows that unions are the best way to protect workers’ rights. As a Kankakee County Board member since 2020, Larry has brought workers’ concerns and issues to the county leadership. He has been elected twice by the voters to represent them on the board.

He has proven to be a strong supporter by walking precincts for Democratic candidates, volunteering for parades, helping repair and paint the float, and being a major sponsor of two WCPT shows in Kankakee County. He has been active in the community and encourages others to get involved in community projects and the political process.

Please join me in supporting Larry Kerkstra from the bottom up Please consider chipping in $5, $10, $25 or more.   If you have any questions please call or text (815) 953-7547.    

Gary Ciaccio

Campaign Manager

Checks can be written to Citizens for Larry Kerkstra and mailed to PO Box 178, Bradley IL 60915.