79th House District Race

Larry Kerkstra at the Labor Day parade on Chicago’s South Side.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

The Illinois State Board of Elections has ruled that my name will not be on the primary ballot for the Illinois House of Representatives, 79th District.  In many instances, prospective candidates are removed due to not enough or invalid signatures being filed. However, with your help, we turned in 350 more voter signatures than the required 500 valid signature requirement.  In my case, it was due to a technical filing issue with one of my forms.

It would have been an honor to represent you at the state level.  However, it was great to connect with voters at the doors and at labor events across the 79th District.  To that end, be sure to vote.  As it has been explained so many times, the 2024 election at every level of government; state, federal and local, could possibly be the most important in terms of the preservation of our democracy.  

I indeed feel fortunate that I can continue to represent you at the County Board level.  I firmly believe we must build from the bottom up, and I will continue to advocate for the people of our community, and the County as a whole.  I will continue to be an activist member of the County Board.  I will continue to urge the Board to encourage and listen to community input.  I will also advocate for the Board to become more transparent about the issues and decision that affect all our lives.

Again, I urge everyone to stay involved and to encourage their families and friends to vote on March 19th.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people including my labor brothers and sisters who helped me these past months – walking to get petition signatures and giving me encouragement along the way. Although my name will not be on the ballot, I still believe there is an urgent need for better representation for all the people of the 79th District. I implore everyone to stay involved and to encourage their families and friends to vote on March 19th, or take advantage of the convenience of early voting.

Always in solidarity,

Larry Kerkstra